Travel Bursary Available!

Want to experience Mbollet-Ba but can't afford the airfare?

Our Global School can 100% support the travel costs of one person on each education exchange to Mbollet-Ba, thanks to a generous donation. The donor wants the broadening and life-changing experience of working across the global North-South divide to be accessible to someone for whom it's financially out of reach. 

So we're able to pay the fare from Gatwick to Mbollet-Ba return for one person, on the planned trip. You'd join a party of all backgrounds and ages. 

To apply, please write to You can download the full bursary specification pdf below. 

Tip: To help your bursary application, read up about a previous Mbollet-Ba visit here

You might want to do a research project for school or university. Exploring a subject in Africa that interests you might contribute to your professional or personal growth.


We'd like to hear from anyone who thinks that a first-hand experience of rural Africa, in a supporting and collaborative setting, is going to be relevant to them. 

The chance to work in African settings, and experience a vibrant sub-Saharan culture, can be a major contributor to your personal and professional growth. Our Global School helps you to have a rich and safe encounter with real and rewarding problems, as you use what you know to bring solutions. We've had musicians, artists, health workers, teachers, architects, financiers, research students, school pupils, engineers, civil servants and more. We help you to find a way to pursue your goals in Mbollet-Ba