Supporting us is easy !

Our Global School helps you to do your bit in the way you like. 

Today's young people will be sending their own children to school, in the 2040s, in a world where 70% of the learners on our planet will be in Africa. That means getting involved now to ensure it's a good outcome !


With Our Global School you can 

  • Donate time and resources, travelling and working in African schools

  • Link to schools in African settings and support them by partnership

  • Donate money or run fundraising through our Just Giving page

  • Contact us directly about other ways to donate including bank transfer

Young people in a young continent. Our Global School allows youth to take initiatives and build links that will last for lifetimes. Starting from around age 9, people can donate time and talents at Mbollet-Ba. As they grow up, and through teenage and into adulthood, they become supporters in different ways including fundraising, training, and driving educational improvements in schools.  

QPARA - Residents Association

Our Global School is proud to be a locally-focussed charity. By working with people from our community, we give them a sense of agency. There are big challenges of the world but we as citizens, neighbours and friends can work together to make things better. 

QPARA has supported Our Global School to ensure that some low income students at one of our schools, QPCS, are able to benefit from an educational exchange to Kayamundi High School in South Africa. Their donation of £1000 matches a commitment by OGS to contribute an equal amount to assisted bursary places on QPCS's 2018 exchange visit. 

Queens Park at the centre of our London community whose residents association supports OGS work. 

Volunteering with Our Global School 

OGS provides UK and overseas volunteering support. Whether it's for school volunteering eg Duke of Edinburgh, Gap Year, work readiness, University practical or research projects, or professional development through volunteering, we can help. 

The OGS volunteering statement can be viewed here. 

Experienced and younger school staff from London schools volunteering in Mbollet-ba, during teacher development sessions in 2019. Here they are supporting teachers to use the "talk partner" technique.