Sponsored Children at Mbollet-Ba

Three years of education scholarships at Mbollet!

Thanks, it was great. And next?

Hedsor Church in Bucks pledged a 3-year fund in 2016, to help OGS support children to attend school in cases where there was good academic potential but family poverty meant  high risk of dropping out.

Since 2016, this scholarship fund meant OGS supported a total of 10 primary age children. The recipients are identified by the school teacher team. £25 per year covers one child's cost of uniform and materials to ensure there are no costs for parents to meet, if the family is under pressure. Each year their scholarship is renewed if they can show good attendance in the school report. Sponsors are UK families who receive a picture and report yearly. OGS passes the entire £25 direct to families, spread over three terms, with supervision from a school committee.

Now OGS needs new funding for the scholarships. We are looking for families from Salusbury or anywhere who would like to join in. Please consider coming together as a group or a class to make a 3-year pledge for one child. OGS will do all the work to make sure that your scholarship is paid and you get a report and picture each year.


A Salusbury team of Miss Self, Mr Hodge, and former Deputy Head Miss Brown visited all the sponsored children during the 2019 February Gambia visit, reporting on their progress and the value of the scholarships to them. Read their report here.


Reflecting rising costs, and wanting to also support these children to get a school meal when it is available, the scholarship donation will now be rising to £30/year. Reach out to us with the contact form (home page) to set it up!

Njemeh Corr picture 2019.jpg

Njemeh Chorr is starting Year 4 in 2019. She attends school every day, and according to her report, she's strong in arts and crafts.  Go Njemeh! 

Njemeh Corr report 2019.jpg