Painting the School

classroom block no roof 2019.jpg
The African climate isn't very kind to buildings. They can look pretty drab, especially after the rainy season. At OGS we've pushed hard over 2019 to get the Mbollet-Ba community, which owns the buildings, to emphasise appearance and maintenance.
In February, following a storm that took a roof off, one classroom looked pretty miserable. After the Salusbury February visitors agreed a repair plan, the village supplied a work party. Over the summer, the teachers stepped forward and have done the painting. They've added as an artistic touch some murals on the walls. Inspired perhaps by Lynne Whiteread's murals put up in 2017 (you can see them on the gable wall of the ruined block)
Heading 6
The Y1-2 classroom block lost its roof. Note the mural by Lynne Whiteread.  
Welcome to Mbollet-ba mural.jpeg
Heading 6
Artists, teachers and friends Modou Corr, Modou Faye and Musa Faye completed this mural outside school the weekend before the start of term. 
painting school buildings 2019 Modou Cor
Senior Teacher Modou  Corr used his summer break to smarten up the outside and inside. Volunteering from ex pupils helps progress.