New Teachers in Mbollet-Ba

Staff numbers are down at every Gambian rural school. What can we do to help at Mbollet-Ba

The teaching career tempts many young Gambians even though the conditions are tough. OGS aims to develop and support teachers who are at Mbollet, to ensure they want to stay. 

We also offer training stipends to suitable citizens of Mbollet-Ba, to become qualified teachers. 

Amadou Sowe (picture coming) is a new trainee teacher starting in 2019. He has just received his OGS grant, £170, which pays for his first year of in-service training. He'll work under supervision in the school and attend Gambia Teaching College classes during the holidays. It takes him 3 years to qualify fully. Amadou is from Mbollet-Ba, and was once a student at the school. He has been working voluntarily in 2018-19 to gain experience and try out a classroom teacher role.

We also support further training posts, one a year.

And two nursery teachers have been with us qualifying in Early Years Teaching since 2018.