Moving up a year in The Gambia

Where possible, OGS likes to help Mbollet-Ba children celebrate special moments in their schooling. In 2019 we raised funds for a graduation ceremony with certificates, where parents were invited to celebrate their children's progress. This kind of whole-village endorsement for the school and the students makes a huge difference to motivation and progress. We've previously supported Eid meals and educational outings. 
Thanks to the Salusbury donors and the Mbollet teachers for the year transition party 2019!
Mbollet graduation Year 3.jpg
Mbollet graduation ceremony 2019 Year 6.

Year 6 leavers also got a Disco party - on the same night as Salusbury Year 6 leaving party. Transfer to a secondary school at Year 7 is an option for most Mbollet children. But around a third do not continue beyond primary. If families are poor, they are required to work. It's about £50 a year to keep a child at school after Year 7 (costs and materials, no fees) which is a lot in Gambia, but several Salusury parents have come forward to help over the years. 

Mbollet garduation ceremony 2019 party.j