Mbollet-Ba School Garden 2019

Mbollet-Ba set up a school garden with funding from Salusbury parents in 2010. It uses an existing well for irrigation, and puts a goat-proof fence to protect the produce. Every year there's been a good harvest, which goes to the school kitchen for lunches. All children contribute labour and seeds. Garden tool company Burgon&Ball has donated equipment. 

2019 steps things up a gear with funding for a part time permanent gardener to organise the children's work parties better, and to raise the production. She's Fatou Modou Sarr and the picture shows her on Day 1.

We're also aiming to bring more plant biology and garden science into the curriculum. Trial lesson on tomatoes for the biology syllabus, using our own stock !

Fatou Modou Sarr the school gardener is a respected local horticulturalist. This is the day she took over school greenspace in 2019, February. Before the growing season !