Gambia organised visit February 2020

Every February half term there is a group visit to stay for around 8 days in Mbollet-Ba village. The dates are during the February Half Term. Planning starts October in the previous year. 

The 2020 trip dates will probably be 15th to 23rd February (depends on flights)

If you are interested, here's what to do:

Cassava field working party 2019.jpeg

Supporting food production at the school is a possible project for 2020 visitors. A cassava plantation established 2016 helps feed students. You might like to work on school diet and nutrition?

What's the 2020 trip theme?

Gambia visits are what the people on the trip make of them. As the travellers meet and plan and follow their interests, common themes emerge. OGS helps everyone to find projects, get information, and team up with local people to make realistic plans. 

Generally, trips are a mix of voluntary development activities, maybe helping in education or in health areas. Farming and environment are popular themes. You don't need special knowledge: just enthusiasm and a willingness to work with Mbollet's people in their efforts to improve and change things. Read the 2019 visit planning and report to get an idea of things that can happen.

A generous donor has pledge to support one travel bursary. Air fare paid for a young person who'd really benefit but can't easily find the money to fly. Ask us for details. 

Can I go?


These are open expeditions. The people on them manage and organise them. Mainly it's members of the Salusbury community and their relatives. A person with previous experience of Mbollet-Ba is on every trip. The tried and tested format, and the local community's experience of working with us means it's a relatively simple proposition: there's a lot of experience and over 200 visits have been made and enjoyed in the last 5 years. 

Mbollet-Ba is a safe stable and welcoming community in partnership with Salusbury School since 2009. Visitors will experience African village culture, broaden their understanding of many issues, and make lifelong friends. Children from Year 3 up, and parents/grandparents/friends up to age 80, have all had wonderful times and played their part in making the world a better fairer place.