Mbollet-Ba Expedition 2018: report

Twenty-two teachers, volunteers, teenagers and children committed to 7 solid days of volunteering in school improvement, village development and health in February 2018 in Mbollet-Ba, The Gambia. ​ 


Maths and literacy teaching, sport, arts & creative studies all got a boost. Materials, building repair, water access got upgrades and investment. The IT room is now with 8 working laptops !


In the village we were able to support the village health teams with large quantities of donated medical equipment, and get composting underway in the allotments. Dried up wells were a problem for the women horticulturalists and OGS has funded the repair of 5 wells. 

Salusbury teachers and former students were guests at the Mbollet-Ba sports day - an initiative from our partner school, which they funded by growing Cassava in the school grounds

Trainee Teacher living units, Mbollet-Ba, Gambia

Mbollet-ba school needs to attract good trainee teachers. In February 2018 we kicked off the building of two simple residential units to house trainee teachers on the school site.

Trainees help to keep energy and innovation going in Mbollet-Ba. But the best young teachers are often not willing to move for three years to a remote rural school like Mbollet-Ba's.

Our accommodation units will offer trainees an attractive simple and cost-free home. By placing permanent residents on the school site we also strengthen security. The units will cost £1500, each with one room, roof, toilet and outside space. The construction labour is provided by local men and women - supporting skills and earnings the community. The units should be ready for September 2018

Trainee Teacher Bakary Dibba during his 3 years at Mbollet-Ba gave energy and inspiration to many pupils. We seek more Bakarys

Writing books - Mbollet's Year 6 day with Salusbury helpers

Being an author is a challenge - especially when English is your third or fourth language. Salusbury former student Jake, now in Year 8 at QPCS, along with six other former Salusbury students, spent a day in Year 5 and Year 6 classes supporting pupils to create illustrated story books. Haddy holds up his publication. The students took their stories to the nursery classes and read their texts out loud. They donated their books to the nursery children. Aim: that the village's younger members could each have a book at home. One of the many ways young people work together through Our Global School. 

Everybody learning

Raising the standards of learning is the main goal of this week's work. 

The input of experienced teachers from Salusbury goes to train local staff and develop effective approaches in classrooms. (Left) Resources funded by donations from Salusbury parents and children help to make this effective.

Our work identifying SEN children (right), assessing them and ensuring they get support was closely observed by the Mbollet-Ba staff. Government policy is inclusive education, but there's not much experience in implementing it. 

Light and 


The LIGHT AND DARK themed creative week at Mbollet-Ba led by Art teacher Lynne Whiteread. Classes made mannequins with twigs and foil, and explored how light and shadow created new shapes when the windows were closed and torches switched on. 

Other art production during the week included printing with natural shapes to explore patterns in natural forms.